The Books

The Kingman Comprehension Series aims to enhance students’ essential reading skills and abilities to exercise critical judgment to help improve progressively their understanding of written texts.

A traditional and contemporary approach is used by the author with questions set in the formats of:

– Filling in the blanks
– Underlining the correct answers
– Multiple choice questions
– True or false questions
– Matching
– Drawing inferences
– Open-ended questions and
– Sequencing

Suggested answers to the questions are provided at the back of the book.

The series comprises six books catering to the levels and needs of the targeted students:

Elementary Level
– Book 3 (for students eight to nine years old)
– Book 4 (for students nine to ten year old)

Intermediate Level
– Book 5 (for students ten to eleven year old)
– Book 6 (for students eleven to twelve year old)

Advanced Level
– Book 7 (for students twelve to thirteen year old)
– Book 8 (for students thirteen to fourteen year old)